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a interg--what?

des[ite our physics grades jess and i are kicking ass agianst the chruch and all known science!

Megan/ Jessica- 6 pt. (one because a 44 and a 35 are passing grades and on because of our sunday remark, we already got for it but i feel we need another)
Bush- 4pt (guess who is favored in the polls? thats what i thought)
Nader- 1pt. (he loses one for being so quite latly, gotta steal those votes from the evil dem. Ralf! that the hella re you doing?)
Ms. Kerry- 1.5 pt. (who will never be 1st lday, i'm sorry)
Kerry- 1.1 pt. (he gets one new ponit, for wirtting his book, good move johhny! to bad you stand no chance)
The Church/ all know science- -4pt. (they lose some more, we gain they lose, hell yeah!)
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