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livin' on a prayer

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this a livejournal community for shorty. it was christine's idea. so basically... love for shorty.

i got this idea... write about shorty in four sentences... here's what i got:

***" jessica is a cute, perfect, kind person that cares about everything. She's the most unselfish person i know. she is also the most prettiest person i know, and no one else compares to her beauty. jessica is one of a kind" --Grover (aka john cottone)

***"at first glance you might think hey that chick is not a lesbian... but you would only be partially right. she will walk up to you and say "yeah thats right i kiss girls. gotta problem?" (but shes also kissed guys... many of them) and then she will attack your mental capacity with arguments on politics and world issues. and as she walks away you are left in a daze of wondering how you ever survived up to this point " ---lauren

***"shorty is a female who dabbles in being a lesbian, and straight, seen at many a show wearing her fashionable sunglasses, or arguing about things i cant even to pretend to have heard of. the shorty one is truly a living legend and my choice for president in 2024." --jake

***" Small and very opinionated, the Short One lives her life balancing school, work, and local shows. Arguing with Shorty = immediate failure. You will not win. She looks innocent enough, but close encounters could prove fatal. You won't see it coming. Oh yeah, and if you are stupid, by the rules of Shorty, you should already be dead." --billy