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johnny quest DOES NOT think i am a sellout

haven't they heard we won the war
what do they keep on fighting for?
~billy joel, 'leningrad'

yes i know its about the cold war.

today, i was watchin this thing on the new about the pics taken of the tortured iraqi p.o.w.'s. and bush's apology. what pissed me off was the people sayin it was justified because they torture our troops that they capture. i'm sorry, but we're not in 2nd grade, and just cuz u do it to me, does NOT give me the right to do it to you. nothings gonna be settled if neither country will be the 'better person.'

my gramma said something genius about the war:

either get the hell out of iraq, or go in there full force with planes and bombs and kill them all, none of this in between bullshit.

then again, i am not smart.

Shorty Stylee821: everytime she makes spaghetti
Shorty Stylee821: she tells me not to touch the bowl, cuz its hot
Shorty Stylee821: and im like 'gramma im not five i know that', and i dotn touch it
Shorty Stylee821: so todya, when she didnt say it
Shorty Stylee821: what did i do????
Shorty Stylee821: i touched the bowl
Shorty Stylee821: and guess what
Shorty Stylee821: it was freakin hot

that is all i have to say
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